Volume 6, 2011




Symposium: Adam Smith and the Conditions of a Moral Society

Guest Editors: Christel Fricke, Raino Malnes, Kalle Moene, Ragnvald Kalleberg


An international Adam Smith conference celebrating the 250th anniversary of The Theory of Moral Sentiments was held in Oslo, Norway, on August 27 - 29, 2009.  It was jointly hosted and funded by three Oslo based research institutions: the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (CSMN / Christel Fricke and Raino Malnes), the Centre for the study of Equality, Social Organization, and Performance (ESOP / Kalle Moene) and the Seminar on Theory of Science (Ragnvald Kalleberg).  A selection of conference papers appear herein.  All have been peer reviewed and revised for the publication in the Adam Smith Review.


1. Introduction

Christel Fricke


2. From Psychology to Moral Normativity

Maria Alejandra Carrasco


3. Adam Smith’s Story of Moral Progress

Carola Freiin von Villiez


4. Adam Smith and ‘the most sacred rules of justice’

Christel Fricke


5. True to Ourselves? - Adam Smith on Self-Deceit

Samuel Fleischacker


6. Propriety, Persuasion and Political Theory

Duncan Kelly


7. Social Distance and the New Strangership in Adam Smith

Lisa Hill


8. The Political Economy of Recognition

John O’Neill


9. Reciprocity in Seneca and Adam Smith

Jon Elster


10. Intersubjectivity, The Theory of Moral Sentiments and the Prisoners’ Dilemma

Vivienne Brown


11. The moral sentiments of Wealth of Nations

Karl Ove Moene



Article and Commentary:


12. Das Shaftesbury Problem

Douglas J. Den Uyl




13. Response to Douglas J. Den Uyl’s “Das Shaftesbury Problem”

James R. Otteson


14. Another Response to Douglas J. Den Uyl’s “Das Shaftesbury Problem”

Ryan Patrick Hanley



Symposium: The Fate of Anglo-American Capitalism

Guest Editor: Sandra Peart


15. Introduction: Sandra Peart


16. Upon Daedalian Wings of Paper Money: Adam Smith and the Crisis of 1772

Hugh Rockoff

17. Is a Beautiful System Dying? A Possible Smithian Take on the Financial Crisis

Maria Pia Paganelli


18. What Do We Mean By ‘Anglo-American Capitalism’?

Alessandro Roncaglia


19. Freedom, Efficiency, and Concern: Smith’s Future, and Ours

Robert Urquhart


20. Institutional Divergence in Economic Development

Jonathan B. Wight


21. Too Big to Live? Why We Must Stamp Out State Monopoly Capitalism

Niall Ferguson



Book Reviews


Tony Aspromourgos, The Science of Wealth; Adam Smith and the Framing of Political Economy


Reviewed by Jeffrey T. Young

              Response by Tony Aspromourgos


Magali Bessone and Michaël Biziou (eds.), Adam Smith philosophe. De la morale à l’économie ou philosophie du libéralisme


Reviewed by Sergio Cremaschi

              Response by Magali Bessone and Michaël Biziou


Gavin Kennedy, Adam Smith: A Moral Philosopher and his Political Economy


Reviewed by Michael J. Clark

              Response by Gavin Kennedy


Deepak Lal, Reviving the Invisible Hand: The case for classical liberalism in the twenty-first century


Reviewed by Paul Gunn


Stephen J. McKenna, Adam Smith: The Rhetoric of Propriety


Reviewed by Catherine Labio

              Response by Stephen J. McKenna